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Car Window Tinting provides many benefits

SolarCare Commercial & Private Car Tinting – Car window tinting has continued to grow in popularity. Whether it’s for heat and glare reduction, the way it adds to the look of a vehicle or for security and privacy reasons, window film can provide what you need. At SolarCare we have tinted 1000’s of vehicles, from cars to tractors, boats to buses, there isn’t much we haven’t done!

We’ve learned a lot along the way. Each vehicle presents its own unique set of issues and challenges and by experiencing these and learning from them we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is second to none. Our window film is of the highest quality and has been tested in the most extreme weather conditions. It carries a lifetime warranty and the fact that our customers come back time after time demonstrates their trust and confidence in our ability to care for their needs.

We are known within the industry for providing a service based on quality and reliability, and as a result we are relied upon by many of the leading car dealerships in Dublin and the northeast. These dealerships have customers that rightly expect the highest standards and we have continued to meet these expectations for many years. Many dealerships use us to tint the windows of vehicles to improve their look and saleability. Have a look at the extensive gallery below to see a selection of the work we’ve done and read our testimonials page.

Window tinting you can trust

You may find a cheaper price somewhere else but ask yourself, “who do I want looking after my vehicle? Why do the same customers continue to trust SolarCare for their tinting needs?”

Window Tinting

  • Protects passengers and children from heat and glare
  • Blocks harmful UV rays that damage skin and car interiors
  • Adds to the look of the vehicle
  • Provides privacy (if wanted) and security

Why choose SolarCare?

  • We have a wealth of experience, with over 25 years in the industry
  • We only use the highest quality films and installation techniques
  • We are used by many of the leading dealerships in Dublin and the northeast
  • Our customers keep coming back!

tint shade level example

Other shades are available, but these are our most popular percentages and cover the vast majority of customer needs. The percentage levels indicate the amount of natural light a particular film transmits. All our window films block 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting occupants and interiors from sun damage.


Commonly known as limo tint, this tint blocks roughly 95% of light and will provide privacy for a vehicle’s occupants and contents. Often used by professionals and tradespeople to hide tools and goods.


Our most popular percentage. Closely matches the factory tinted glass many vehicle manufacturers use on the rear windows of their vehicles. This provides a comfortable environment for children and passengers with a degree of privacy. It also greatly improves the vehicle’s appearance.


A popular choice. Adds a very noticeable tinted appearance to the car whilst providing less privacy.


For those looking for a more subtle tinted look. Often used on vintage cars where customers don’t want to notice a dark tint on their vehicle and want the interior of the vehicle to be visible.


A very light film. Adds a very subtle tint to the glass and can be used on front windows to keep below the NCT’s requirements of 65% light transmission.

Car and Vehicle Tinting Gallery

Click on any of the images below to open our gallery lightbox slideshow where you can view our work in more detail.

Vehicle And Architectural Window Films

We are the go to agents for vehicle and architectural window films on the North East coast of Ireland. We service Louth, Meath, Dublin, Cavan, Monaghan and the greater Leinster Region.